The Intrepid Explorer

Moving on to a new place, or to a new job is always hard. For some, you may be graduating to start a new job. Others may have no job lined up and be living in quaking fear of leaving the security that education offers. Some may just simply have decided a change was needed, others are too nervous to make the change they so deeply crave. We don’t like to admit it, but we all crave the familiar, want some form of consistency. That’s why you still have that little teddy bear with a broken rattle. You don’t need it any more, but it reminds you of home. It makes you feel safe, offers some security. We’d never admit that of course…

Starting out a new career can seem especially difficult at a time that the world appears to be facing the beginning of the end. A world at war with itself, that destroys itself, to the point it almost seems hopeless starting something. Often hopelessness consumes us all… but this is why it is so important we carry on, start something new. Try new things whilst we can, move if we must. If we feel hopeless, then utilise that and rather than allowing despair consume us, let a steely determination allow us to pave the way for a new career, one that can make a difference to peoples lives and our world, no matter how small. That goes for all of us, from engineers to creatives, managers to cleaners.

There is a purpose, our changes can make a difference. And there is a point to starting out and breaking out of the mould. It is intimidating, but if there was ever a time to take risks, now is that time. When the world is on its knees and all seems hopeless, it is ever more important that we take our chances, risks, and changes… and potentially the only time we will ever manage to do so again.